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Do I have to be embarrassed concerning hygiene or healthiness?
As the complete unit is cleaned and disinfected after each rental period, the using of the unit is possible without hesitation. The Liner is of course disposed after each rental period and is renewed by a new one which is fitted concerning to your penis size.

Is the transaction of the rental discreet?
The shipping is arranged absolutely neutral and discreet. Nobody can see what is in the box. Also the reference for the bank wire transfer and the payback of the security deposit is absolutely neutral.
The name “Venus2000rental” is neither written on the package nor in the bank transfer.

Is it important to inform you about my exact penis measurements (in erected condition)?
In order to really enjoy the Venus 2000 the correct measurements are important. By using the Air Control Box it is possible to change the size of the liner inside the Receiver a bit. Therefore it is not so bad if your penis is 0,5 cm thicker or thinner as you mentioned in the rental request.

How much are the shipping costs?
Please take a look at the list below to see the shipping costs to your country.

Country Shipping costs Waybill for returning*
Austria € 12,50 € 12,50
Belgium € 16,00 € 18,00
Denmark € 16,00 -
Finland € 19,00 € 34,00
France € 19,00 € 22,00
Germany € 7,00 € 7,00
Ireland € 19,00 € 33,00
Italy € 19,00 € 26,00
Liechtenstein € 47,00 -
Luxembourg € 16,00 € 17,00
Netherlands € 16,00 € 19,00
Norway € 26,00 -
Spain € 19,00 € 33,00
Sweden € 19,00 € 33,00
Switzerland € 22,00 -
United Kingdom € 19,00 € 20,00


We can also offer the return shipping by DHL. In this case you will find a return waybill in the package which you have to stick on the package for return shipment and deliver the package to your next post office branch. You only have to pay the special price given in the list above for the return shipping. You do not have to pay any additional fees for delivery in your post office branch.

If you do not want to use this service or if it is not available in your country, please send the package back to us with a logistics company of your choice.


How do you arrange the shipping?
We use either DHL or UPS for shipping. We make the shipping on Tuesday, that way the Venus 2000 and all accessories will be delivered on Thursday or lately Friday at your wished address. After the rental period you simply send the Venus 2000 and all accessories back to us with a logistics company of your choice. The running time of the package must not be longer than 4 days and the package must be insured with an amount of 500 Euro.

Can I extend the rental time spontaneously?
Please simply call us or contact us by email if you want to extend the rental time. If the Venus 2000 is not yet reserved for another customer the extension will be possible without any problems.

Which rental periods are possible?
You can rent the Venus 2000 for two or more weekends for the price of 100 Euro. Of course the Venus 2000 stays with you between the two weekends.
If you want to rent the unit for a longer period, please send us a price request.

Do you recommend the use of lubricant?
Yes, absolutely! You can only enjoy the Venus 2000 to your full satisfaction if you use lubricant. We recommend you to order our offered ID Glide Lubricant (ultra long lasting). This lubricant is excellent for the use with the Venus 2000.

Are the 30 ml Lubricant enough for one weekend?
These 30 ml are enough for using the Venus 2000 several times.

We offer our service for the following countries:

Germany Belgium Netherlands
Luxembourg Italy Sweden
Finland France United Kingdom
Liechtenstein Switzerland Norway
Austria Ireland Denmark

Venus2000rental is available in two languages at the moment: German and English

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