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Here you can send us a non-binding rental request.
We will contact you as soon as possible by email.

If anything should still be unclear to you, you will find the FAQ´s and the answers to your questions here.
You can also contact us directly.


First name
Family name
Street, Number
Postalcode, City
Country Germany
United Kingdom
Phone number
Email adress
Your wished rental period:
Date from to
As the Receiver and the Liner must be fitted especially to your penis size, please chose the sizes.
Measurements in erected dimension at the thickest point:
Penis size up to 3,5 cm Diameter
up to 4,0 cm Diameter
up to 4,5 cm Diameter
up to 5,0 cm Diameter
up to 5,5 cm Diameter
up to 6,0 cm Diameter

up to 16 cm Length
up to 19 cm Length
up to 22 cm Length

(After each rental period the Liner is of course disposed and replaced by a new original Liner concerning to your penis size.)

Additionally we recommend:

30 ml of “ID Glide Lubricant” (absolutely compatible with Latex)
      One of the leading lubricants (waterbased) with long lasting
      effect 3,00 Euro

If you use this lubricant, which is also recommended by the manufacturer, you will get full satisfaction.

Further accessories:
The price for the rental of one Nipple/Headmassager is € 7,00

The price for the rental of two Nipple/Headmassagers is € 14,00

If you rent two Nipple/Head Massagers we will also send you a connection hose set to connect both at the same time with the Venus 2000.

You can find further information about terms of use (policy) here.

We offer our service for the following countries:

Germany Belgium Netherlands
Luxembourg Italy Sweden
Finland France United Kingdom
Liechtenstein Switzerland Norway
Austria Ireland Denmark

Venus2000rental is available in two languages at the moment: German and English

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