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Rental of „Venus 2000“

It is not necessary to spend hundreds of Euros immediately for the purchase of a „Venus 2000“ to enjoy it.
You can rent it comfortably at our company to test it and find out that it fulfils the promise.

We offer you the “Venus 2000” for a period of two weekends for the price of 100,00 Euro. (Of course the unit stays with you between the two weekends.)
We ship it discreet, neutral and well packed on Tuesday, so it will arrive on Thursday or lately Friday at your address. (Nobody can see what is in the package without opening it.)
After the rental period you send the unit back to us by a logistics company of your choice.

Before shipping the unit is cleaned and disinfected. The Liner (made of caoutchouc) is of course changed after each rental because of hygienic reasons and is replaced by a new original Liner fitting your penis size.

The rental package also contains an instruction manual.

The shipping will be arranged by DHL or UPS. Please take a look at the shipping costs beneath.

Country Shipping costs Waybill for returning*
Austria € 12,50 € 12,50
Belgium € 16,00 € 18,00
Denmark € 16,00 -
Finland € 19,00 € 34,00
France € 19,00 € 22,00
Germany € 7,00 € 7,00
Ireland € 19,00 € 33,00
Italy € 19,00 € 26,00
Liechtenstein € 47,00 -
Luxembourg € 16,00 € 17,00
Netherlands € 16,00 € 19,00
Norway € 26,00 -
Spain € 19,00 € 33,00
Sweden € 19,00 € 33,00
Switzerland € 22,00 -
United Kingdom € 19,00 € 20,00


We can also offer the return shipping by DHL. In this case you will find a return waybill in the package which you have to stick on the package for return shipment and deliver the package to your next post office branch. You only have to pay the special price given in the list above for the return shipping. You do not have to pay any additional fees for delivery in your post office branch.

If you do not want to use this service or if it is not available in your country, please send the package back to us with a logistics company of your choice.


You have to pay a security deposit of 150,00 Euro for the rental period. This security deposit will be paid back to you immediately after the unit arrived safely and secure at our company.

We would be very pleased about your rental request.

Additionally you can rent the so called Nipple/Head Massager (for stimulation of nipples or penis of your head) for the price of 7,00 Euro for the complete rental period.

The so called Head-Massager is the same design as the Receiver except it is only 8 centimeters long and it is used without the End Cap so you can insert through it. Without the End Cap and length, it does not stroke but does a squeeze-release action. This can be operated very slowly or it can be turned up to over 300 times per minute.

As a Nipple Massager it is used for sensual stimulation of the nipples or breast. When used in this way the End-Cap is left on and again it may be operated very slow or turned up to over 300 cycles per minute. This part can also be used on the Clitoral area and most users can achieve very dynamic orgasms. It is used only with the Venus unit.

If you rent two Nipple/Head-Massagers for the price of 14,00 Euro we will furnish a T connection and the necessary hose so they may be used at the same time.

If you might have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us here.

You will find frequently asked questions and answers here.


We offer our service for the following countries:

Germany Belgium Netherlands
Luxembourg Italy Sweden
Finland France United Kingdom
Liechtenstein Switzerland Norway
Austria Ireland Denmark

Venus2000rental is available in two languages at the moment: German and English

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