Original accessories and repair parts are obtainable at our company.
We have got all accessories and repair parts in all sizes on stock and therefore available for immediate delivery.

Please simply tell us your wished repair parts or accessory and we will inform you about prices and shipping terms.

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Beneath you will find a part of accessories available for the Venus 2000.

Receivers are available with a Diameter of 50mm, 64mm, 74mm and with the length of 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, 23cm and 25,5cm.

Further on you can order the „Liner“ which is fitted into the Receiver. Liner is available for the following penis diameters and in all wished lengths:
2,5cm, 3,0cm, 3,5cm, 4,0cm, 4,5cm, 5,0cm, 6,0cm and 7,0cm.


For a penis diameter of 3,0cm, 3,5cm, 4,0cm, 4,5cm, 5,0cm and 5,5cm there is now another version of the liner made of red natural latex.

This liner is made in Germany from 100% natural rubber and contains no chemical additives such as extenders.
The inside of this liner is made of transparent natural latex so that the skin cannot come into contact with the color during use. The natural latex liner is slightly smoother than the US liner, making it more suitable for sensitive skin.

The Nipple/Head Massager is used for the stimulation of nipples or the head of your penis. If you use it as a Nipple Massager it is used with the End Cap on it. If you use it as Head Massager you should take the End Cap off.

If you order two Nipple/Head Massagers you will receive a connection hose set to connect both to the Venus 2000 at the same time.

The manufacturer of the Venus 2000 recommends the use of „ID Glide Lubricant“ (absolutely compatible with Latex) which is waterbased and has a long lasting effect. This lubricant is available in different sizes.