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As the Receiver and the Liner must be fitted especially to your penis size, please chose the sizes.
Measurements in erected dimension at the thickest point:

Penis size
up to 2,5 cm Diameterup to 3,0 cm Diameterup to 3,5 cm Diameterup to 4,0 cm Diameterup to 4,5 cm Diameterup to 5,0 cm Diameterup to 5,5 cm Diameter (this size is currently only available with a red natural latex liner - see accessories section)up to 6,0 cm Diameter
up to 13 cm Lengthup to 16 cm Lengthup to 19 cm Lengthup to 22 cm Lengthup to 25 cm Length

(After each rental period the Liner is of course disposed and replaced by a new original Liner concerning to your penis size.)